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Dear visitor, we would like to inform you that Ocean Beach Hotel, respecting the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, adjusts its operation taking into account the new safety measures and health protocols. We keep the safety distances and all of our employees use the masks in all areas of the hotel.


Check out will take place at 11 a.m. while check in is transferred at 15.00 pm. to thoroughly clean the rooms. All payments are recommended using electronic means (e banking) and debit cards, all invoices will also be sent electronically via e-mail to prevent the transmission of covid-19 disease


All non-essential items such as magazines, brochures, laundry bags, bathrobes, pillows, blankets are removed from the rooms. The cleaning of the rooms is done only upon request of the guest at the reception after a stay of 3 days at a time that is not inside the room. Clean towels, sheets or anything else you may need can be requested daily from the reception and delivered to the door of the room.


Self service in the buffet is no longer available to maintain the good health of our guests and limit the transmission of covid -19 disease, our guests choose from the buffet what they want and the staff serves. safety measures are introduced, which must be observed by both employees and guests. Breakfast and dinner hours are valid due to the reduced capacity of the restaurants. In addition, hand sanitization is mandatory at the entrance. Temperature control is even stricter. The tables are not covered with tablecloths so that the tables and chairs can be completely disinfected after each use.


The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the pool areas is increasing and for the water disinfectants suitable for the current occasion are used. Sun loungers and tables and chairs are disinfected after each guest's use.

Services not offered: groom, gym, team sports